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Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, federal law defines homeless children as “individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” The McKinney-Vento Act ensures that homeless children receive access to education by allowing children to attend school where they were enrolled when they became homeless—regardless of what district their family currently resides in.
Operation Lace Up will distribute shoes to children in 28 cities, listed below. If you are a teacher, counselor or administrator at a public school with children who experience homelessness or poverty, and are interested in potentially partnering with Operation: Lace Up, submit a school district information form and we will contact you.
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
San Francisco, CA
Oklahoma City, OK
Orange County, CA
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA
Saint Louis, MO
Washington, DC
Wichita, KS 

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