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Operation: Lace Up needs temporary and long-term volunteers. If you live in one of the cities listed below and are interested in volunteering, 
Operation: Lace Up begins this summer, 2013 in these cities on:
Atlanta, GA - September 22
Austin, TX - September 16
Boston, MA - September 19
Charlotte, NC - September 23
Chicago, IL - August 17
Cleveland, OH - September 23
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - August 16
Detroit, MI - August 19
Houston, TX - August 17
Indianapolis, IN - September 23
Kansas City, MO - September 21
Los Angeles, CA - August 13
Miami, FL - August 19
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN - August 18
New York, NY - August 19
Oakland, CA - August 14
San Francisco, CA - August 14
Oklahoma City, OK - August 19
Orange County, CA - August 13
Orlando, FL - August 19
Philadelphia, PA - August 19
Phoenix, AZ - August 14
Pittsburgh, PA - August 19
San Diego, CA - August 13
Seattle, WA - August 16
St. Louis, MO - August 19
Washington, DC - August 21
Wichita, KS - August 17

Short-term Volunteer Activities for Individuals and Church Groups:

Sorting Events
Prior to shoe distributions, volunteers will be needed to sort shoes and prepare shoe orders for school districts and schools. Volunteers will come to a FOCUS warehouse or storage location in their city and sort and organize shoe orders. For each sorting event, 25-50 volunteers will be needed for a half or full day, depending on the number of shoes being sorted. 

Distribution Events
On distribution days, when shoes are given to students, volunteers will be needed to help distribute shoes. 

Long-term Volunteer Positions:
Local Shoe Program Coordinators (LSPC)
Local Shoe Program Coordinators will be the lead contact for the program in a given metropolitan area. LSPCs will be responsible for coordinating volunteers and activities in their area. They will work with FOCUS staff to develop a local distribution plan and will work with local schools to coordinate shoe pickup and distribution events. 
Assistant Local Shoe Program Coordinators (ALSPC)
Assistant Local Shoe Program Coordinators will assist the head of the program in a given area. ALSPCs will aid in coordinating volunteers, volunteer meetings, and activities. 
Fundraising Coordinators (FC)
Fundraising Coordinators will work with FOCUS staff to organize and execute a fundraiser to support Operation: Lace Up. FCs may also solicit donations from businesses and individuals in support of the program. 

Parish Coordinators
Parish Coordinators will help publicize Operation: Lace Up within their parish, enlist parish volunteers, and help coordinate fundraising events. They will serve as the liaison between their parish and the LSPC. 


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