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Trinity Youth Services - Colton, CA.


pict3Trinity Children's Foundation of America has the utmost gratitude for the very generous gift we received from FOCUS.   The funds allowed us to assemble more than 150 "comfort kits" for children who require emergency placement in foster care. This occurs when children must be pulled from their homes without prior notice, due to domestic violence or other traumatic incident, as in the case of Joshua, a 4 year-old Hispanic boy, who was brought to Trinity at 2 a.m. after police were called to his home. Joshua's father, a gang member in East LA, had been involved in a dispute with a rival gang earlier in the evening.  The rival gang, seeking retaliation came to the house and fired shots into the home where Joshua and his mother were sleeping. Although no one was wounded, when the police searched the home they found drugs and weapons. Joshua's parents were taken into custody and Joshua was placed in emergency care. Comfort kits are backpacks (because many foster children are forced to carry their belongings in garbage bags),  a stuffed animal, an age appropriate book or coloring book, a pillow and blanket, some basic hygiene items and a voucher so the foster parent can purchase emergency clothing for the child. The ability for Trinity to be able to provide children like Joshua with a comfort kit may seem like a simple thing, but for a frightened or wounded child, taken by strangers in the middle of the night, not knowing what the future holds, a small gesture that shows them they are cared for and that they will be safe, is not simple at all.  It can set the tone for the child's entire stay in foster care, however long that may be.

1470 E. Cooley Drive
P.O. Box 848
Colton, CA 92324

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