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ReEngage Sheds Light on the Effects of Absentee Fathers


, located in Kansas City, is one of the newest partner ministries of FOCUS North America. It is a brand new agency dedicated to reconnecting African American absentee fathers with their children through outreach and counseling, education and preparation.



Rodney Knott, community organizer in Kansas City and Executive Director of ReEngage, Inc., realized that the problem of violence and poverty in the African American community would never be resolved until absentee fathers were reintegrated with their families. Knott says that currently 68% of all African American children are being raised by single mothers.


Statistics show that children without fathers have extremely high rates of being poor the rest of their lives, dropping out of high school, becoming incarcerated and having children out of wedlock. Then the whole cycle starts again for the next generation.


ReEngage takes a holistic approach to the whole situation. One of their tenants is to treat the family as a single unit and through love and support (not condemnation and resentment) to reintegrate the African America father as the head of the household.

FOCUS North America is proud to have ReEngage as one of our partner ministries and have awarded it a grant for start- up costs. FOCUS NA also donated a copier to ReEngage to help set up its office.

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