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Say YES to a Perfect Intention


Say YES to a Perfect Intention


The Lord puts tasks in front of us.  Some of them are small and some are huge.  If you decide that something is yours to do, based on your gifts, your desires, and your abilities, you need to make sure that the "why" of the task stays clear and present.

Why are you doing what you are doing?  And for whose glory?  The "why" can get lost when we get lost in the many anxieties and fears that come with responsibilities.  Who is watching?  Who sees me?  Who am I pleasing?  If the "who" is anyone other than God, then you need to check yourself and remember "why" the task is important to begin with.

St. Ephraim the Syrian's words here give us the assurance of what the Lord asks of us when we desire to approach Him and follow the direction He is leading us:

"These are the things which befall someone who approaches God: first temptation, then tribulation, then toil, despondency, nakedness, sufferings, anguish, contempt; in these the endurance and testing of believers is manifested; and in all these the person who gives himself wholeheartedly to God’s direction, and submits to his will, triumphs completely.

For God only asks of us a perfect intention, and he himself will give us the strength and grant us the victory; as it is written, He is the champion of all who hope in him. And again he says, The Lord is near to all who call upon him in truth. He will do the will of those who fear him and will listen to their supplication and will save them." -St Ephraim the Syrian

If your intention is truly perfect, God will bless your work.  Serve Him and others through all that you do. This will bring true joy and peace that will overcome anxiety and fear. Be careful to be self-aware and don't get lost in serving yourself and your desire to succeed.  As Mother Teresa said, "I do not pray for success.  I ask for faithfulness."

In Christ,


Katrina Bitar

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