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Say YES to a New Perspective


Say YES to a New Perspective

New PerspectiveOur life experience forms our minds and informs our decisions.  There are behaviors we have and mindsets we have that originate in our childhood, in formative times in our life, and in key situations.  In some cases, to even begin to discover why we think and act the way we do would take years of discecting.

Most of these formative experiences happen without plans, but we should also look for opportunities to gain new knowledge and to grow in our awareness of the world around us.  We should actively look for new ways to participate in Christ's work in the world and be open, through these experiences, to living in the world and viewing our role differently.

It often happens on YES trips that by simply experiencing life with people that have a completely different reality, students are brought to see the reality of life in Christ in a whole new way.  They not only come to see Christ in all people, but their own poverty is revealed to them as well. Miryam from Worcestor gave this testimony after her YES experience:

"As Orthodox Christians we are called upon to do the work of the faith. My day trip with the YES program gave me the opportunity to do so. Spending the time with the children in the shelter allowed me to become more self-aware, to be thankful of everything God has blessed me with. As participants, YES taught us how to be a kind human being, but more importantly how to be a better Orthodox Christian."

On YES trips, one of the things we all committ to is to be F.A.T: Flexible, Available, and Teachable.  By completely emptying ourselves for the sake of who God presents to us, we are able to give of ourselves wholely and completely, and gain, if we are open, a NEW PERSPECTIVE. Search out opportunities to participate in Christ's healing power in the world.  As you work for others, He will work in you in surprising ways.

In Christ,
Katrina Bitar

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